It was fun and relaxed and no one had any need to be nervous as it was very inclusive and you weren’t put on the spot
— Jane, Participant

The Bodhrán, the heartbeat of Irish music, is an ancient drum made from wood and goatskin and beaten with a wooden stick. After nine sold out courses since 2015, this fun and inclusive six-week course led by Irish percussionist Ruairi Glasheen returns to explore the history of this dynamic instrument and a range of technical and musical skills required to play the Bodhrán.

Having the videos to help with practice during the week was excellent, because I’d often forgotten the patterns
— Davie, Participant
I liked the steady progression through each of the days, with enough to challenge me but not to put me off...
— Barry, Participant

The course will cover : 

  • The history of the Bodhrán, how they are made and how to look after your Bodhrán

  • Technique: how to hold your Bodhrán, tipper, development of different strokes and exploration of various playing positions.

  • Jig, reel, syncopated patterns and irregular time signatures. Patterns will be taught with a beginner, intermediate and advanced options.

  • A wide variety of techniques to improve rhythm and pulse in a fun and inclusive environment.

Ruairi really pushed us which is a great skill for a teacher to encourage their students to reach higher than they could have imagined but without pressure. Great job!
— Ciara, Participant

This course will cater for complete beginners and improvers of all ages 

Drums will be available for use during the workshop or bring your own drum!

All course material and weekly video tutorials provided